Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Does Congress also belong to Saffron Terrorism?

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The history of terrorism in India is as old as that of 'Saffron Terrorism'. If the brutal assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, is considered as the first terrorist act in the country, then it can be unanimously said that the incidents of 'Saffron Terrorism' has its roots in Sangh Parivar. May it be the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse or the accused in various communal riots in the country, the saffron terrorists are always have been the indispensible name on all occasions. Despite this one can easily assert that their existence was felt not only after the freedom of the country but much before it. However they never have the nerve to accept this.

May it be any blast in any part of the country; the very first fingers are always pointed towards Muslim terrorism or their any associates but after further investigations the ugly face of Saffron terrorism rises. It is quite an irony that the media has neglected its role and investigators do not have enough courage to investigate from this narrow angle. Whether it was in the form of the incidental bomb blast in K Nanded the explosion while making bombs in Kanpur or the transportation of bombs on a scooter to plant it in the busy market on the eve of Diwali festival on a scooter in Madgao (Goa), the Saffron terrorism are always veiled or concealed. The case of Nanded blast is a clear proof in this regard. Here this was first named as an explosion due too fire crackers but close investigation led to the outcome that this had happened while making bombs. However, the attitude of the local police and ATS and later CBI in regard to this blast was one and the same.

ATS chief Late Hemanth Karkare had set an example of his courage while performing the duty. Notwithstanding heavy pressures and threats from all sides, he not only unveiled the ugly face of Saffron terrorism active in the country but also exposed dangerous planning of these evil forces before the general public. They have now infiltrated in the military as well. There are so many so-called Sadhu Sanths (priests) who in the name of the religion spread anti-religious teachings of hatred and terrorism. There are many retired military officers, professors who have the responsibility of providing modern higher education to the new generation, besides several other general misguided and misled Hindus as well. The extent of the gravity of the danger can be understood from the information collected from the laptop of Malegaon bomb blast accused Swami Dyanand Saraswati. Even though, the people speaking against these elements are considered as “Anti-nationals”, surprisingly those who go to the prime minster to lodge their protest against the arrests of the Hindutava suspected terrorists and visit the jails to meet these terror accused are considered a Desh Bhakt” (patriot). If someone asserts that after the arrest of these Hindutava terror suspects, late ATS chief Hemanth Karkare was receiving threats and that he and his family were apprehensive and were feeling insecure, then needless hue and cry is raised, and then their statements are described as derogatory and under-mining the Indian fight against terrorism. Similarly, if a home minister of the country in a conference of higher police officers use the term Saffron terrorism, then they are instructed to be cautious regarding this and that this act is described as a conspiracy to defame Hindu religion.

The latest case in this regard is that of Rahul Gandhi. In the year 2009, while speaking with an American ambassador Timothy Roemer, he had a discussion on the rising Hindutava terrorism as more dangerous and threatening than that of the Laskkar-e-Toiba. The recent Wikileaks revelation brought the speech into the media, which has created a political storm in the country and the BJP, RSS, and its allied parties like Shiva Sena and other left wing parties have formed a battle ground against Rahul Gandhi. They are being totally supported by the media.

In this regard, now the question arises that if the statements released by Rahul Gandhi, Divijay Singh or earlier by P Chidambaram were wrong?

Is it wrong to acknowledge the existence of Hindutava terrorism in the country, even after the arrests of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thukur and their associates in the bomb blast cases of Malegaon, Ajmer, and Makkah Masjid, after being found involved in the blasts?

It is a certain fact that during the investigations of Malegaon blast Hemanth Karkare was pressurized and was receiving threats. If Digvijay Singh states that Karkare had informed him through phone that he had been receiving threats then why is so much furor been created since he had not denied the involvement of the Pakistanis in the Mumbai terror attack. The reaction of the BJP, RSS and its allied parties in this matter was as anticipated. However, the attitude adopted by the Congress in this regard gives rise to many questions. In both these regard the Congress had distanced itself from the statements of both these ministers. Nevertheless Rahul Gandhi is the son of Congress president Ms. Sonia Gandhi so the party could not help but support him and hence provided clarification

Thus the attitude of the Congress in saffron terrorism is dubious. This clearly indicates that it is not in a position to adopt any one clear stance on any matter. Vote bank seems a priority rather than national security.

Congress seem to fear that any statement against Saffron extremism may cause heavy damage to its Hindu Vote Bank. Hence, the congress is following its own policy of “Mild Hindutava”. However, this attitude of Congress party has caused heavy damage to the country. Post independence the Congress is the only party which has ruled the country more than any other. During its reign the “Mild Hindutava” policy has provided nurturing ground for fascist forces in the country. This has destroyed the secularism of the country in more than a way. Some times, it has destroyed the democratic fiber of the country by demolishing Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, while on other the brutal bloodsheds in Mumbai and Gujarat.

Their network has became so strong that now these fascist forces are struggling to fulfill their longstanding dream of converting India into a ”Hindu Rashtra”. Despite having concrete proof that Sangh parivar are involved in so many bomb blast a ban has not yet been initiated against them by the government. If congress doesn't takes any lesson from his half-century-long policy of “Mild Hindutava” and remain idle only for the sake of the vote bank, then it would not be in the favor of the neither congress or in the favor of the country.

Hence, it is necessary that either Congress support these statements by its leaders as true or stop deceiving the people and openly herald that they too belong to “that group” (Sangh Parivar).

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