Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Saffron color of Terrorism exposed

 S.O. News Service

Although the Hindutva Terrorism was exposed during the enquiry of Nanded Bomb Blast investigation, the issue wasn't brought to the forefront due to the prevailing political conditions at that time. However, the attempts to shroud the reality couldn't be sustained for a long time, as the then Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant karkare had initiated the investigation of the Malegaon Bomb Blast. Here, the Hindutva Terrorism was not only exposed, but had also become the highly debated topic in the country.

The media described it as the new face of terrorism, but in fact, this was the actual face of terrorism. Since the beginning of the anti social activities in the country, a well planned propaganda had been made in such a way that all The activities related to terrorism had been portrayed in such a way that it was done by the Muslims or from across the borders. To support the propaganda, the names of newer Muslim Organizations were being created to associate these activities with these fake organisations.

This trend has increased to such extents that even before the beginning of the investigation of any bomb blast or terror activities, the investigative agencies indirectly accuse the Muslims. The remaining job of tarnishing the image of Muslims will be performed by the National media. Baffled by the challenging situation, some of the Muslim Scholars tried to lighten the accusation, by issuing Fatwa against terrorism.

However, the demand for the removal of the terrorism label from the Muslim was opposed by asserting that it was correct that not every Muslim is a terrorist. But what was the reason for every terrorist to come out as a Muslim. In this regard, even a term of 'Islamic Terrorism” was formulated and the Madrasa education was described as the “Terrorism education”.

In reality, no one can deny the fact that except the Mumbai 93 bomb blasts, any allegation on Muslim has not been proved nor has any Muslim been convicted by the court, in any bomb blast case. On the other hand, only Muslims were arrested in all the incidents of bomb blasts. Only Muslims were arrested even in the Hyderabad's Makkah Masjid Blast and Ajmer blast, even after the recent CBI enquiry discovered the link of "Hindu Terrorists" in the attack. In the case of Makkah Masjid Blast the court has already acquitted all the Muslims arrested in this regard.

The enquiry of the former Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and the recent CBI enquiry has almost exposed the true colour of terrorism as saffron and the actual faces of terrorism have appeared in the form of Hindutva. Now, there is nobody to raise voices and ask that although every Hindu is not a terrorist, what is the reason for the fact that only Hindutva terrorism is mentioned in every terrorism activity? People are now claiming that terrorists have no religion, therefore Hindu or Hindutva terrorism should not be mentioned.

Interesting, until the enquiry of Malegaon bomb blast that occurred in 2008, people were constantly talking about Islamic terrorism. Now, after the exposure of the truth, they are constantly clarifying and are either denying their association with these exposed faces of terrorism or are terminating relationship with such people.

One of the recent developments with this regard is that RSS has declared that none of the RSS associates will have any relationship with any NGOs. Different outfits have been linked in various bomb blasts that have occurred in the country. Off late Bajrang Dal was allegedly associated with the bomb blasts that took place in Parbhani, Jalana, Nanded and Kanpur; Whereas Sanathan Sanstha was said to be involved in Goa bomb blast and Abhinav bharath in Malegaon Bomb blast. Several attempts were made to show that these were small self styled outfits that were involved in destructive activities.

However, the investigation of Malegaon, Makkah Masjid and Ajmer bomb blast cases has put many people in a fix, as the investigative agencies allegedly suspect Indresh Kumar, Sunil Joshi, Devendra Gupta, Swami Asimannad, Dayanand Pande, Ashok Warshane, Anand Ashok Beri from the RSS group; BL Sharma Prem of the BJP; Ramesh Upadhayaye, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Shrikanth Purohit and Lokesh Sharma belonging to Abhinav Bharath.

The investigation regarding Ram Chandra Kalsangra, Sandeep Dange, Rakesh Dharwade, and Sharad Kante is on. This is a wide network, which is active from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, from Gujarat and Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh, and from Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh. Although, the names of the organizations and the outfits are different, their faces are the same. However, the plots for the bomb blast are formed at one place. Training is given at a single place, even the bombs are manufactured at a single place.

There might be many such organizations which are yet to be exposed. However, because of the political motives, the real colour and the actual faces haven't been exposed yet. Today's CBI findings were already exposed by Hemanth Karkare long ago. However, his investigations were suppressed. Still, subsequent to the breakup of the unity of the opposition against the rising inflation, one cannot guarantee that the findings of the Makkah Masjid and Ajmer bomb blast wouldn't be suppressed, as was done to the Malegaon bomb blast findings.

Although, it is a clear fact now that the bomb blasts in the country are the handiwork of Hindutva groups rather than Muslims, the CBI and the recently formed National Investigation Agency are not investigating these blasts with the view that the real facts will be exposed. Such issues are raised as bubbles in water only for political gains and are later suppressed after the purpose is fulfilled. Hence the real face and the true color of terrorism in the country are still under the clouds.

(translated from Sehroza Dawat-New Delhi Dated: July 28,2010)


  1. True article. Let radical brahmanic terrorism get exposed!

  2. You deserve to be hanged for spreading false information and destruction of history